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In addition to your personal musical requirements, the size of the room where your upright or grand piano will stand is of crucial importance. Sound quality and volume are directly related to the size of the soundboard and the length of the strings. In other words, the larger the instrument is, the fuller its sound will be. If you have enough space and your budget allows it, you should choose a grand piano. Please be aware, however, that a top-class upright piano is always a better choice than an inferior grand.

The essential difference between an upright and a grand, apart from the external appearance and size, is the position of the soundboard. In a grand piano, the soundboard and strings are positioned horizontally, whereas in an upright piano, they are positioned vertically. Thus, in a grand piano the action works with gravity and is more responsive than in an upright piano.


A regular service is important, and every piano owner should see this as an essential part of piano ownership. Three criteria are important for maintaining the sound of your piano: tuning, which brings the piano back to pitch; voicing, which affects the piano’s tone; and regulation, the adjustment of the action mechanism which affects the touch of the piano.

Tuning and voicing are two different aspects of adjusting the piano to its optimum standard of performance. Tuning is the adjustment of the piano’s strings to the correct pitch, while voicing is the ad´justment of the piano’s tone or sound and is done by softening or hardening the hammers – a technique that involves injecting the felt on the hammer heads with a special needle. Regardless of its original voicing, each piano will acquire a fuller spectrum of sound over time because the hammer felts become compacted the more they are struck against the strings.

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